An Animated Background

My company and I have literally grown up together. I founded Garner Holt Productions in 1977, when I was still in high school. I’ve gone from my parents’ garage—with my mother acting as secretary!—to a giant production facility, studio and mockup space where I operate today with the help of nearly a hundred talented employees.

GHP is my playground. It's a combination of a cutting-edge technology workshop and an artistic inventor's lab. As a result, being here is different from any other work environment. It's like a giant toy factory, and every day is something different. Because our mission here is to inform, educate, and entertain, I believe our work and our creations have a lasting impact on our audience.

This company is my main focus, my pride and joy, and, if I may brag a little, the most unique and talented group in the world. We’ve built nearly 500 Chuck E. Cheese animatronic shows for restaurants all over the planet. We were the first outside company to create an animatronic character for a classic Disney attraction--we now have more than 400 figures in Disney parks throughout the world. In our more than three decades of work, we’ve built more animatronics and other unusual and amazing creations than any organization on the planet.

Our expertise in the design and production of quality animatronics is unsurpassed. In fact, we've built more figures than any other animatronics company in history. That experience and expertise is why close to 70% of our work comes from repeat clients in some of the most high-profile attractions and destinations in the world. We provide exceptional products for a fair price. Big or small, all of our clients know that GHP provides the very best figures, ride and show elements, and other creative creations available anywhere.

I know we’ll continue to bring smiles, thrills, scares, and wonder to attraction guests world wide. For me, it's a dream come true.


Garner L. Holt