Garner Holt Productions, Inc. makes the very finest animatronic figures available. Since 1977, we

have created more than 3,000 individual characters for leaders in entertainment, education, shopping, dining, and other venues. We’ve worked our magic for Disney, Universal, Chuck E. Cheese, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Lockheed Martin, NASA, and hundreds more.


That’s magic that moves






Fire, water, light, mist, air, and other elements can be harnessed to produce incredible special effects. At Garner Holt Productions, we’ve created dozens of amazing effects for rides, shows, and live events throughout the world.


We can make magic.




Show action equipment is the hidden magic behind the magic, the lifts, turntables, booms, and other disguised mechanical devices that drive effects or figures. We have built some of the largest examples ever, for all sorts of attractions.


Let’s move something together.




GHP has created some of the most incredible parade floats and live shows ever. From design to production from the chassis (or stage) up—including animatronics, puppets, light and audio effects, and performer costumes.


We put shows on the road, and parades on the map.




Immersive, engaging, interactive, terrifying or funny, taking riders under-the-sea or into their own backyard, our custom dark rides are amazing experiences to behold. Combining our talents in animatronics, special effects, show action systems, and a host of other specialties, these dark rides represent a perfect balance of what makes GHP the place where your show is our business.





Memorable exhibits and interactive displays provide visitors with an engaging way to experience history and science, learn more about a new and amazing product, or a way to gain a different perspective on things.  If you have something important to say, we can help you to really get the word out.





A themed location is not complete without the little (sometimes huge) details that make an environment "lived in." Our scenic elements have graced the interiors of classic theme park attractions, restaurants and retail spaces. They've even livened up a number of corporate locations! From ride details like props in a cluttered attic to a twenty foot-tall 18th Century globe, GHP has a strong background in placemaking, and in making places come to life.




Among our specialty services is world-class digital scanning of models, parts, or even people. Our digital sculpting services can take scan data or entirely new designs and send them as data to our 7-axis KUKA industrial robot, which can mill any sculpture, any scale, with exceptional fidelity and detail.


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We have some attractive souvenirs for you. Just click on one of the brochures to the right, print, and—voila! —a lovely piece of informative art to share with your friends and clients. We hope you’ve been impressed enough to keep a tangible part of the amazing things Garner Holt Productions has to offer.