Garner Holt Productions, Inc.
Inside our doors, we have the tools and the talents to design and create exceptional animatronics, unique attractions and shows, and world-class entertainment
and education experiences for our clients all over the world. With a global audience, our San Bernardino, California design and production headquarters is complete with state-of-the-art equipment and the greatest grouping of talent under one roof. In here,
dreams come true.

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A GHP Exterior2
AA GHP Conference Room
B Creative Conference
BB Art Deparment
C Creative Design
CC Creative Lobby
D Madagascar Room
DD Sculpting A
E Sculpting B
EE Sculpting C
FF Engineering
FFF Engineering Meeting
FFFF Digital Sculpting2
G KUKA Sculpting
GG Main Shop Overhead
H Shop Overall
I Fidal Machine
II Machine Shop B
J Machine Shop
JJ Animation Dept
JJJ Animation Shop 2
JJJJ Animation Human HEad
K Waterjet
KK Metal Shop
KKK Figure Checkout
L Animation Shop
LL Plastics Departmet
M Plastics Sprayer
MM Plastics Tooling
N Vacuform Machine
NN Wood Shop
O Wood Shop B
OO Blacklight Paint
OOO Paint Interior
OOOO Paint Shop
P Paint Shop
PP Figure Finshing A
Q Figure Finshing B
QQ Figure Finshing C
QQQ Figure Finishing E
R Figure Finshing D
RR Human Detail
S Sound Booth
SSS Show Programming2
T Control Panel RC